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Blackjack's most important lesson: The House Always Wins

It's all math, baby. Blackjack is a game about math. Sure, you can always beat the banker on hands of 15 or 16, but you're not beating the house every time, you're just not beating the house any more than the dealer is beating you. Although the house has a mathematical edge over the player in every hand of blackjack, you shouldn't underestimate its impact on winning.

This means that you will lose every time you play blackjack, regardless of whether you're hitting, counting cards, or hitting. The question is: Why?

First, let's look at the math. Blackjack and player against dealer are interchangeable terms. You're both the player and the dealer. The two of you are playing against one another. The casino values each hand differently, of course, but the way they're valued is the same. A six and five, or two and seven, are two of the worst hands in the game and worth less than zero. Yet you'll see people bet the house on those hands, thinking they're good hands. Why? According to their logic, they would have won more if those cards were 22, 23, 24, and 25. If you're playing a game with a house advantage of .05%, .06%, or .07%, every hand you're going to lose, including the hand you're holding, is worth exactly the amount of money you're willing to bet.

Mathematically, you're only beating the house up a little bit. Although you might lose five dollars every time you bet, you would lose ten if you bet the same way every time.

The house has no mathematical advantage over the players, so it is important to be a good player. In a game, you are the real winner. Your chances of winning a hand, compared to the house's chances of winning, are the same no matter what card you're playing.

Is it possible to become rich quickly playing blackjack? Remember, it doesn’t matter which strategy or method you use. The strategy you use can't overcome the house advantage. Even if your decisions are more disciplined and you make better choices, the house is too stubborn to change. You can lose even if you play the right strategy and cards. You can always win if your bets are the right amount.

Because people play blackjack every single day, casinos are rich. Greed is the reason people lose. Some people win due to having a solid system and winning track records. Others win because they are lucky and don't pay much attention to the house edge.

The house doesn't need your help. They don't require your book knowledge. They don't require your skills. They are able to thrive on the little you earn. I still remember a man who worked for the casino that I used to work at. He explained that he had just been hired by the casino to play blackjack. He stated that it was $10 an hour, plus tips. He said he'd been working there for a couple of years, averaging one thousand dollars a day. The hourly wage he earned could have reached $2000 per year, according to some sources.

Don't let your emotions wreck your easy ride to financial freedom. While I know the best blackjack in the world is available, that doesn't make your trip to the casino any less costly.

The first few times you play, you'll likely lose. These losses might not be part a pattern. It's actually the opposite. The first loss might have come when you least expected. Although the loss was an unexpected one, it was likely an emotional shock. This would have happened if you had a bad dream, or were jinxed.

If you are unable to stop gambling, it may be time to quit. You can always try again tomorrow. Enjoy the experience of playing blackjack at the casino. You could even win a bit if you have a good strategy. http://www.jordanretro11.in.net/play-free-keno-casino-games-online/
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